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You are a woman who knows who she is. 

You want to look and feel great in your clothes without sacrificing the comfort and freedom to move through your life uninhibited.

Let us introduce ourselves.

Our goal is to provide you with beautiful, fashionable, options so you can bring your inner self out to play, everyday.

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     Dee Trabue wasn’t always on a mission to dress the world, but in her time spent integrated in the island lifestyle, she became inspired by a local shop near her Jamaican farm to start a similar business in the her other home in the Outer Banks, hence the beginning of Mangos Boutique.

     The name Mangos came about from a whirlwind of converging and colliding signs pointing her toward naming her new business after the luscious fruit found around her Jamaica farm. Not only does she love the taste, the aesthetic of the fruit also lends itself to the kind fluidity Dee wants to give to her customers. Mangos are synonymous with the tropics, so associated with the kind of sweet, flouncing, freedom some of us can only dream of.

     She wanted to provide timeless styles and quality that were hard to find anywhere else, and has continued to do so since starting Mangos. The individual fashion brands she carries are the ones that immolate the freedom loving, adventure seeking, fashionista Dee strives to create in each of us.


Scarborough Faire Shopping Village

1177 Duck Road Suite #55

Duck, NC 27949